Ubuntu Support Points

Ask the below support points for a free Ubuntu installation set. Many of us will also happily offer you an Ubuntu demonstration or help you the first time you install Ubuntu.

Name City Postal code Spoken languages Commitments
porche56 Gierle 2275 Nederlands
alfons-maes Turnhout Belgium 2300 Nederlands
Michel Beerse 2340 English, Français, Nederlands
Willem Beerse 2340 Deutsch, English, Français, Nederlands
Stef Coene Retie 2470 English, Nederlands
hugo Lint 2547 Nederlands
Kris Van Heurck Kontich 2550 Deutsch, English, Français, Nederlands
warddr Kessel 2560 English, Français, Nederlands
English, Nederlands
stijn-vancampenhout Edegem 2650 English, Nederlands
klaxos-ubuntube Hoboken 2660 English, Nederlands
Jhonny junior Niel 2845 Nederlands
henwag wuustwezel 2990 Nederlands
vincent-andries Baal 3128 English, Nederlands
frater Vincent Averbode 3271 English, Français, Nederlands


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