Support Points

Good news! Ubuntu has a gigantic community of users that help each other on a voluntary basis! developed a network of Support points, where you can find Ubuntu Support Points in your area.


A lot of local community teams have set up documentation sites, that have grown over the years and are still expanding every hour! Don't hesitate to use these sites if you're looking for information about your Ubuntu system:


The Ubuntu community will surprise you with its reactivity. If the documentation did not provide you a satisfying answer, search the forums for similar questions and just ask!

Again, we as belgians have more than one address:

Live support

Ubuntu is international! However, the developers, contributors and users stay in touch through IRC (Internet Relay Chat) on the Freenode network. There are chat-rooms with hundreds of users, and some are dedicated to support:

There is no Belgian support channel.

Other forms of support

Of course, there are other resources. Canonical is a sponsor of Ubuntu, they provide paid professional support, and furthermore, there is the Launchpad Answers system, where you can browse previous (answered) questions or ask new ones.


This website uses Launchpad for user authentication.

If you don't have an account there, you will be invited to create one on your first login here.

If you registered on this site before the installation of the Launchpad integration, you will have to log in manually and add the OpenID identities to your account.