Do you want to participate in ? Good! We are always in search of an extra set of helping hands. Participating is simple. Here are some tips:

  • Do you have any questions in advance or just want to talk to the current members first? We're happy to help you on IRC. You will find our #Ubuntu-be channel at freenode. (Or click here for the webchat.)
  • Register your email address on the mailing list. This is not necessary but advisable. Being on the mailing list keeps you updated of what is happening within the community.
  • Introduce yourself briefly to the mailing list, so others get to know you. Again, it is not necessary, but is advisable.
  • Join as a support point, register yourself as a support point: Login (left side) on the web-site, eventually create a new Launchpad account. You can then create your supporter profile. Please read our Support point manual first, that way you'll understand exaclty what we expect from you.
  • Do you want to organize an event around Ubuntu? or cooperate in a planned event? Look here at Events Team.
  • Do you want to help us by solving some of our current problems? Take a look on our bug tracker where you can lend us a hand!

Your financial contribution is welcomed on account 651-1398678-41 (IBAN: BE88 6511 3986 7841, BIC: KEYT BE BB, BANK: Keytrade Bank) of In the field of money, we have no secrets:

  • We publish every income and expenditure on this site.
  • On gifts, we erase the name of the donor, as a standard for privacy reasons. Tip: Give an amount with two odd numbers after the comma. That way, you can trace your gift easily.
  • Mention your gift as public, then we publish your name beside the amount of your gift.
  • Gifts to are not fiscally deductible.

You can find our financial information on



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