What is Ubuntu

Ubuntu is an accessible operating system that you can install on your computer, instead of or next to another operating system like Microsoft Windows, MacOS, ...

Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning "humanity to others". And that is also the ideology behind it all. It offer a fully operational operating system, free of charge and under a free software license. With Ubuntu, your computer is not an enemy. Instead it becomes a tool that is designed to suit your your needs and the tasks you have to achieve. In a world where technology is becoming more and more sophisticated, Ubuntu puts human beings at the centre of the computer system.


This Linux-based operating system has all the qualities you would expect, and maybe even more. It is ...

Preview of a default Ubuntu 9.04 desktop with its typical brown background, running the file browser and a OpenOffice Writer document.

  • Stable: Computer switched on for weeks without interruption? No problem.
  • Easy to use: Ergonomic and intuitive environment.
  • Full: Direct access to every standard desktop application from word processing and spreadsheet applications to internet access applications, web server software, multimedia software, email software, ...
  • Secure: Ubuntu, as a Linux system, remains to this day unaffected by any virus or spywares. No more anti-virus license to worry about!
  • Extendable: Thousands of free applications available in one click!
  • Enjoyed: Millions of users around the world trust Ubuntu and many work hand in hand to make it even better day after day!

Don't hesitate: join millions of people that are already satisfied. Take the plunge and discover Ubuntu!

About Ubuntu-be

Ubuntu-be is the Belgian "LoCo Team", whose goal is the promotion of Ubuntu in Belgium. Our tasks are mainly informational and representational, for support we forward users to the documentation and help networks relative to their language. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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